SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY - The Karotechia Threat

From: Alphonse

Recent events have bought the following information to the attention of Cell A.
There is evidence that an extreme right-wing organisation, with the philosophy of the Nazi’s is at large. This organisation, called the ‘Karotechia’ is determined to create a so-called ‘Fourth Reich’, using paranormal, and preternatural forces. At the current time, the size of the organisation is unknown, however its resources appear to be widespread, and its potential influence amongst white supremacy/hate groups should not be underestimated. The discovery of the book ‘Mein Triumph’ written by one ‘Olaf Bitterich’ – a SS agent previously believed dead - states that the Karotechia follow an agenda set down by the spirit of Adolf Hitler himself.

Background Information
Existence of the original Karotechia was discovered during WWII; A secret department of ‘Sonderkommando H’ Unit with the SS, derived from membership of the Thule Society, and with the backing of Himmler and reporting to Hitler. A number of DELTA GREEN operations during the war led to confrontations and an understanding of the full extent of the aims of the Karotechia. Unfortunately the details of those Operations are no longer available. What is known is that the Karotechia managed to ‘resuscitate’ corpses and these were used against the Russians on the Eastern Front, as well as to defend Berlin in 1945. Additionally there were extensive experiments on Polish and Russian prisoners in the death camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, and Madjanek. It was later discovered that upon the death of Hitler, OPERATION WEREWOLF was instigated by the Karotechia to recreate a earlier ritual that had destroyed Naudabaum Castle in Bavaria in early 1945 and, if successful, it was believed that the loss of life would have been far greater that both Japanese H-bombs together. The Karotechia were determined to destroy the World rather than loose the war. The ritual was disrupted by DELTA GREEN’s operation LUNACY.
After the war members of the Karotechia were hunted down and killed during OPERATION SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY and by 1956 all previous members of the Karotechia were believed to have been killed, or died of old age.
All evidence of the existence of the Karotechia was destroyed. They became the darkest part of a terrible history. Recent evidence suggests that they, or a new organisation with similar aims and methods, are still in existence.

As of now, DELTA GREEN is re-opening OPERATION SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY with the intent to track down and destroy the Karotechia organisation. O Cell will co-ordinate the Operation, reporting back to A Cell, and all information related to extreme right-wing groups, and their use of paranormal or preternatural forces, should be forwarded as appropriate.

At best we will be confronting a dangerous Nazi hate group, at worst an organisation wishing to enslave all ‘lesser’ races in the worship of a long dead dictator.
We have entered a dark war. May God have mercy on us all.