Introduction - Please Read

From: Cell ‘A’
To: New Agents

Subject: DELTA GREEN Clearance and Operations
Formation of O Cell


Before moving on to the main subject matter of this briefing we would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your decision to join in this undertaking. We are not in the habit of recruiting fools, but it is nevertheless worth emphasising that it is the single most important decision that you have made in your life; not merely for the impact that it will make on you personally, but on the well being and safety of the country that you already so faithfully serve.

That is why you are reading this document.

We believe that you can make a difference.

It is of necessity that your country can never properly thank you for the services that you will perform in its defence. As Ms. Green has already informed you in her initial briefing, knowledge of the preternatural threats that face us must NEVER become public knowledge, else we risk opening a Pandora’s Box that no one can close. One must only glance at a history book to recognise that even a little knowledge in the hands of enemies (be they internal or external) can be a dangerous and terrible thing.

The only consolation that we can offer is to let you know that you are the inheritors of a brave and honourable tradition forged across decades by courageous men and women with the spirit to fight that which it became their destiny to fight. Do not let them down.

As for what has just been divulged and what is about to be divulged:


Subject to the following operational guidelines, you must take this information, and any further information that you are made party to in the course of your service, to the grave. It is out of respect to the commitment that you have made that we will not discuss the consequences of any failure to adhere to this principle.

Our mission

· To protect the citizens of the United States from threats originating with paranormal phenomena
· To maintain the security of the United States from paranormal threats.
· To gather intelligence on paranormal phenomena.

DELTA GREEN Clearance and Operations

You have been cleared for DELTA GREEN level intelligence and operations.

Dissemination of DELTA GREEN intelligence, operational assignments and all related matters are entirely within the purview of Cell ‘A’. Cell ‘A’ is comprised of Agents ‘Alphonse’, ‘Adam’ and ‘Andrea’.

You have been assigned the status of DELTA GREEN Agent. You may discuss DELTA GREEN material with fellow Agents in your Cell (see below). You may also discuss DELTA GREEN material with other Agents, subject to the approval of Cell ‘A’.

Operational assignments may involve contact with persons designated as DELTA GREEN ‘friendlies’. DELTA GREEN ‘friendlies’ are party to varying degrees of information concerning DELTA GREEN matters and should be handled with caution. Guidance will be provided on an individual basis as to what information can and cannot be disclosed to such persons.

Briefings, assignment and oversight on operational assignments for your cell may be made by other cell Agents at the discretion and direction of Cell ‘A’.

Regular reporting and communication with Cell ‘A’ can be made via e-mail. Such communications go through an encryption process and are completely secure.

It is imperative that Agents keep Cell ‘A’ regularly informed of operational developments and any intelligence gathered.

Urgent communications may be made through encrypted cell phone (see attached package). Please exercise discretion.

A ‘cultural’ note. Operational assignments are frequently presaged with a code
phrase – an ‘invitation to a night at the Opera’.

Operational Support: Intelligence

Cell ‘A’ may be in a position to assist Agents with DELTA GREEN intelligence on paranormal phenomena which may be pertinent to an operation. Cell ‘A’ will endeavour to provide this up front where appropriate, though Agents may use their discretion in submitting further requests should the requirement arise.

Cell ‘A’ may also be able to provide specific intelligence items on persons, institutions, locations etc from ‘sympathetic’ sources. Again, Agents are asked to use their judgement and discretion with regards to such requests.

Operational Support: Logistics

Cell ‘A’ may also be in a position to supply ‘logistical’ support in the form of ‘safe-houses’ and equipment caches (the operational/’cultural’ term ‘Green Box’ is applied to such caches).

The location and provision of these and other such operational resources will be divulged as and when required.

Cell ‘O’

Those Agents reading this document now formally comprise Cell ‘O’.

Those Agents should now allocate themselves a simple code-name beginning with the letter ‘O’ and immediately inform Cell ‘A’ of their designation. Such code names should be used operationally when ever possible (though obviously not in such circumstances where such usage would arouse the comment and suspicion of peers or colleagues).

Operational assignments will be forthcoming.

Thank you, and welcome to Delta Green.