Alphonse's blog

Target: Uruguay

The loss of Agent Olivier has focused our INT on Uruguay. Evidence is growing that right-wing parties are controlling the ruling Junta in the country, with possible links to the Karotechia Threat.

Further information to follow.

Death of Agent Oliver

The death of Agent Olvier in Montevideo is a stark reminder about how dangerous our role is, and well as the resources of the threat we are up against.
All effort must be made to identify his killers.

Do not allow his death to be in vain.

Green Boxes

Notice to all agents:

Do not forget to make use of GREEN BOXES as part of SOP. These drop-boxes, in key location through out theater of operations, can provide you with vital equipment, and possibly intelligence, for use in operations.

You also have a responsibility to maintain GREEN BOXES, including setting up new ones in towns and cities not previously covered by DG OPS. You should consider anything and everything possibly of use to future agents and operations; naturally firearms, body armour, and explosives, but even the most innocuous items may prove useful.

Invitation to a Night at the Opera


This server has been deemed secure for all O Cell communications. I will act as liaison with A Cell in all comms.
Firstly a reminder that the SOP for all future DG ops will be indicated by the phase ‘invitation to a night at the Opera’.

Be seeing you.